What We Do


KC Sand and Transport has been involved in the Montana and North Dakota oilfields since 2007.  The company was started with two motivated men and one truck. Through hard work, determination and a dedicated “hands on” approach, these two men transformed their one truck and hard work into one of the larger fracturing sand transportation and storage companies in the Montana-North Dakota oilfields.

With up to 35 company trucks and pneumatic trailers, KC strives to bring their customers an unsurpassed amount of professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Co-owners Keltz Hall and Cole Wirth have thorough experience in multiple facets of the oilfield business.  From explorations to production, these two entrepreneurs have been employed in the Montana-Dakota oilfields since 1991. They have combined their knowledge of the trade to create a competitive transportation and storage company which is capable of handling the needs of the premier service companies in the Bakken region and beyond.

Management expertise

Multifaceted transportation providing up to 20 company-owned field ready truck-trailer combinations , KC provides service support personnel whom are available 24/7. For customer convenience, KC offers experienced truck pushers who are available to answer any questions or resolve any customer concerns at any time.

KC runs its own full service shop and service trucks to maintain and service all equipment, with the main focus to meet and surpass all DOT regulations.

KC also offers transportation services for any product transferable via flatbed trailer, belly dump or pneumatic.

Working hard to retain its Satisfactory Compliance Score, KC requires all operators pass a thorough background review. They must meet all legal and company stipulations before allowed to go to any location.

Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance is one of KC’s highest priorities. KC Transport employs a compliance officer to monitor and work at improving our company’s compliance with Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association Regulations. KC’s compliance officer works closely and maintains good communication with local & state FMCSA agents for clarification of Rules & Regulations on a regular basis.

KC’s compliance officer and truck coordinators have worked diligently with the company drivers to further educate them to safety & regulations. All newly employed company drivers meet with the compliance officer initially for education related to FMCSA safety and regulations, hours of service, bill of ladings and company driver policies. KC Transport also holds company driver meetings regularly where additional education is provided.

It has become evident through the course of this endeavor that safety is an ongoing process that needs to be practiced each and every day by all employees of KC Transport. Safety throughout our organization continues to remain one of our “highest priorities”. We at KC take pride in being able to offer a satisfactory compliance rating.


It takes a diverse team to efficiently manage all aspects of KC’s day to day operations.  Safety is a top priority; KC provides professional training for all employees before they enter their designated fields. Once trained, to re insure the proper knowledge of the employee’s duties and for safety, all employees complete further training in their designated work field with an experienced supervisor. As a pioneer in the Bakken, KC was one of the first to place sand coordinators on location and provide this type of customer service in the Bakken.  KC’s experienced truck coordinators assist on location with all duties including, but not limited to; managing trucks into designated unloading areas, ordering the necessary number of trucks and loads of sand to efficiently complete the frac, cutting down on unnecessary standby (detention time), acting as a professional liaison between the service company and KC to insure proper communication and avoid any unnecessary issues.


KC’s Dispatch is a valuable asset and major contributor to the success of KC Sand and Transport. Available 24/7, dispatch provides the necessary communication between all personnel required in the transportation of all products. All directions, commodity needs, and special instructions are processed and distributed to drivers through our dispatchers. Operating on our custom sand tracking software, dispatch has control in tracking all loads from our facilities and the ability to alter loads, if needs arise. KC dispatch can provide up to the minute changes and sand totals to the data personnel on location and operations when requested.

Service areas outside the Bakken

With the ability to mobilize and move bin storage in any area we need has allowed KC to provide customers the assurance for storing excess and predetermined sand needs.

Future of KC Sand and Transport

With KC Sand and Transport’s continued success in the Montana - North Dakota- Wyoming we see nothing but growth for our future.

KC believes looking outside the box to provide great opportunities for growth and sustainability.

We are diversifying and we can haul a lot more than just sand.

  • We have started to haul cement for stabilization with dedicated trailers.
  • We have started hauling boxes both chassis and drop decks.
  • We have a multitude of flatbed trailer and can do about any work you can think of with them.
  • We have water trailers in Wyoming and Montana working.

KC’s personal goals


KC strives to bring hands on personal service, a lost quality by many companies.  As a full service company, KC utilizes their contacts with service providers, storage bin manufacturers, natural sand distributors, and ceramic sand distributors to provide the best economically feasible service to all their customers.


KC Sand and Transport goes above and beyond to bring our customers the best possible experience.  We pride ourselves on bringing a new level of professional service to our customer.  While growing our customer base in the Montana-North Dakota-Wyoming oilfields, KC’s areas of focus remains Service, Safety, and Compliance.

KC would like to thank you for taking your valuable time and the opportunity to review our history and future goals.  We at KC Sand and Transport take great pride in being able to offer the very best service to our customers. We would like the opportunity to visit with you about your any of your transportation needs and partnering with KC Sand and Transport on your future business ventures.

Thank you,

Keltz Hall & Cole Wirth, Co-Owners


Storage Solutions We Use For Our Customers

Some Available Storage:

          Sidney, MT


Total Flat Storage: 45,000 Sq. Ft .Dry


 Available Rail Space:

1500 feet Sidney, MT


*  We have the ability to move bins and provide mobile storage for our customers.